5 Retail E-Commerce Business Ideas with High Profits in 2022

The fact is that there is no better time to start your e-commerce business. This is because it is not the business but the idea that turns the business from rust to gold.

While most people are willing to starting an eCommerce business because of the rapid innovation, low cost, and shipping facilities, the biggest problem is that it gets stuck in their tracks. So which idea should apply, most importantly, what products to sell?

To answer this question, I hollowed out the web and compared the different eCommerce b2c business ideas that have been successful in the online marketplace based on their disruption, success rates, and current trends.

Here’s a list of the best eCommerce startup businesses worth your time and investment.

5 Starting an eCommerce Business Ideas

Online Education

Do you have valuable skills that you can share with the world? This eCommerce Business Idea Can Be One For You. There is more to education than just literary analysis and math competition. Many people want to improve themselves without going to the physical classroom. Designing online courses, ebooks, and some educational content (like blog posts or videos) can help your audience learn – and help you earn big money.

Although you can always host this type of educational material on your website, services such as tips, make it easier to create and sell online courses. You can also sell your course through online education markets such as Admi. If eBooks are your style, you can sell them directly from your website or through options like Amazon or ATC.

Affiliate Marketing

Another low-cost eCommerce startup business idea you can take advantage of is affiliate marketing. If you already have an online presence and have authority over a particular topic, this can be a straightforward way to increase your income. Affiliate marketing is a kind of marketing that allows somebody to represent other companies. You can sign up for affiliate programs (also called referral programs) through brands tailored to your audience’s interests. For example, in eCommerce b2c, a fashion blogger works with retail brands to promote their clothing. In their blog content or on social media, they can share their favorite clothes or shoes and add links to products or offer discount codes so that their viewers can save money on their purchases.

Natural Products

Consumers are increasingly interested in products that help them lead natural or more eco-friendly lifestyles. Cleaning, beauty, household, and personal health products made from clean and safe ingredients take advantage of a viral trend that is unlikely to end anytime soon. The global market for natural cosmetics alone estimates that it will grow from 36 billion in 2019 to 54 billion in 2027.

Technical Services

So, maybe you are not creative. But if you have developed a set of technical skills, you can submit your required skills online. For example, can you provide tech support? Are you a coding wizard? Maybe you have software or an application that you can sell. Even if your product or service exists on just one device, you can still start a thriving e-commerce business, fortunately, without all the costs of manufacturing, storage, packaging, and shipping.

Fashion reselling

It is the best e-commerce business for every generation. When sellers start in this particular e-commerce business, they usually resell their clothes, waiting to get out of the closet. With sites like ThreadUp and Poshmark, it’s easy to resell your unwanted clothing items, but you can also quickly build your website with lots of web builders from there.


With the latest innovations, top trends, and ever-green products, I’ve tried to cover all the significant areas that provide the best opportunities to start the best e-commerce business in 2022. If you are selling a course, check out the various online course platforms. Just make sure you know how to track KPI and matrix before you start! I hope you will make informed decisions and benefit from the snowballing element of online trading.