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All you need to know about the main trends in web design for government websites

Out of all the top trends in web design for government agencies, transparency, ease of usage and safety are at the top of the totem pole. When it comes to trends in web design for government agencies, it can prove to be quite difficult to image trends that are related to colors as well as animation. Augmented reality is something which is not meant for government websites.

What are the must-have features for government websites?

Government websites are not really created for customers but despite that they tend to have their own audiences. In order to be user-friendly, it is important for all government and municipal websites to have the following elements. Let’s have a quick look at some of the must-have features and elements for government websites.

  • CONTACT :- The government website is actually the first source of information for the residents. This means that there is a need for people to add a lot more contact information so that they can easily be contacted, if and when the need for doing so arises.
  • CALENDAR :- Further, it is important for all government websites to have a calendar so that everyone who visits the website can easily make themselves familiar with all the important dates as well as the community events.
  • MAPS :- One of the most important elements of the website is the map. It is increasingly important for websites to add Google maps into their scheme of things. Adding maps is necessary not just for the residents of the town or city but also for the guests and tourists to such cities.
  • SEARCH BAR :- People usually have a very strong purpose of visiting government websites. They usually visit such sites to find different answers to the question that are worrying them. Thus there is a need for government websites to improve website navigation so that the search on the site is made as convenient as possible.
  • VERY POWERFUL CMS :- The CMS actually happens to be one of the most important elements of a site and this applies to all sites, including and especially government websites. The CMS is actually the foundation on which the government site is built. Drupal seems to be the most favored option in CMS for many people mainly because it is very powerful, highly flexible and it can easily work with very large amounts of content.

What are the main trends in website design for government websites?

Let’s have a look at the main trends in website design for government websites.

  • People First :- One of the main trends in web design for government agencies is that such websites happen to have a people-first or people-centered design which focuses on building a site that is designed to primarily meet the needs of the users. This means that all municipal and government websites should be designed ina way to ensure that people of all ages can use it quite comfortably.
  • Mobile-Friendly :- In today’s day and age, an overwhelming percentage of internet traffic is mobile and this means more people are choosing to access the internet from their mobile devices than they ever have done in the past. Since government websites happen to be an excellent source of constant information for residents, it is actually their duty to make their websites mobile-friendly.
  • Appropriate Design :- Over the past couple of years, it has been seen that the main trend for government sector websites is actually bright colors and bold animation. Web designers constantly follow different web design trends and they advise government website admins to choose discrete colors. If you are in the mood for experimenting, then you can always go for different fonts.

The Bottom Line

Government website design is actually different than the design that is used for other types of websites. Government website is actually deemed to be very serious that is often visited by people of a wide range of age groups, including and especially people who might have disabilities and also people who might dabble in various professions and might have different goals. Unlike private sector website design, the design of government websites focuses on usability, accessibility, on-site navigation as well as on information content. Thus it is so important for government web design for nearly all government agencies to meet the different requirements so that user confidence can be inspired and all the needs of the users can be easily satisfied.

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