Top 10 Adventurous Destinations In India

Adventure is an amazing form of Outdoor activity ,Personally it is My Favourite type of Outdoor activity I Love Trekking or Rafting or Hot Air Balloon Ride . So Here are some of the Adventurous Destinations in India

Kedarkantha Trek

Kedarkantha trek is the best Adventure Activity you can do Both as a Beginner and as an Experienced Person   . Kedarkantha trek is also called as the Queen of winter treks and Kedarkantha trek is the best trek that a beginner can do and the adventure that this trek offers is amazing .You get to walk in Snow while climbing the Kedarkantha Summit . Kedarkantha is Situated in Sankri region of Uttarakhand. And the best part of Kedarkantha Summit is that the Holy Gangotri , Yumunotri and the inner Kailash Ranges are seen. Hence all the Beginners who are Interested in Trekking for the first time and those who want to experience something exclusive can do this trek . 

  • Best time to visit Kedarkantha Trek – Best time to visit Kedarkantha trek is in the months of November , December , January.

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Leh Ladakh Trip

Leh Ladakh is the new tourist spot nowadays and Ladakh has so much to offer from High passes to world’s Highest Motorable road , to River rafting in Ladakh . Also you can do A bike trip from Manali to Leh and that test’s your Driving skills fully and makes you capable of driving anywhere else in the world. Ladakh is the perfect spot for Both to travel and explore the Hidden Ladakh and to do some Adventurous Activities like  River rafting or a Bike ride to Khardungla which is the world’s Highest Motorable road and also Bike ride to Pangong Lake which is a Lake of which 25% of the Lake is with India and Remaining lake is with China and view from this lake is just amazing as it is believed that the Lake changes its color several times a day .

White water Rafting in Rishikesh

When it comes to Rafting or water adventures the first word that should come out from the mouth has to be Rishikesh. As we all know The Holy River Ganges originates around Rishikesh and also the route of rafting offers an ultimate experience one can have while rafting . You will Face the tides of grade 1 – 5 making it a complete experience and it usually takes 3 – 4 hours to do the rafting but it’s worth every minute. You are with a guided trainer who will be providing an accident free and yet most enjoyable water activity you have ever done . Rafting in The Holy River Ganga and the Himalayas circling all around you will make you think as if you are in a movie.

  • Best time to do River rafting – The best time to do River rafting is in the summer months from March to June . and also in the  Winters.

Chadar Trek

Ever Heard of Trekking on a thick layer of Ice and a River Flowing beneath it . Well Chadar trek the name itself suggests that an entire sheet of Ice is spread on the lake and it is located in Leh , Ladakh and at an altitude of 11,200 ft . Chadar trek was considered as one of the most difficult treks in India and it was believed that  in ancient times those people who used to cross chadar trek they used to settle all the dues before crossing as the death certainty was very high . 

  • Best time to visit Chadar trek – Best time to visit chadar trek is in the months of January , February .
  • Level of Difficulty of Chadar trek – Level of Difficulty of Chadar trek is Moderate to difficult .

Hot Air Ballooning In Jaipur

Doing A Hot Air Balloon Ride  is the best Adventurous activity in Jaipur and frankly it is very romantic .There are sunrise and sunset Hot air Balloon Rides in Jaipur and the view it offers is just out of the world . 

  • Best time to do Hot air Ballooning – Best time to do Hot air Ballooning in Jaipur is in the months of November to January .

Parasailing and Paragliding

Goa is one of the best adventurous destinations for friends , family , Couples .Goa has lots and lots of Beaches and there are many beaches that offer Parasailing Like Calangute Beach , Candolim Beach , Anjuna Beach and Many other Beaches for Paragliding like Colva Beach , Mobor Beach . There are many other Water activities in Goa which makes Goa A Hub for Water Activities and adventure activities . 

Scuba Diving in Andaman

Andaman Is An Amazing Place for Scuba Diving and the Blue water with beautiful Marine life  makes it a perfect place for Scuba Diving . There are scorpion Fish , Octopus , Sharks , Coral Reefs which you can get to see during Scuba Diving . There are 3 locations where you can Scuba Dive 1-Havelock Island , 2- Clinique Island in Port Blair , 3- Fish Rock in Passage Island .

  • Best time to Visit Andaman – The Best time to visit Andaman Island for Scuba Diving is from January to May .
  • Charges for Scuba Diving in Andaman are For Non-Swimmers the charge is approx Rs 3500 for          Half Hour.
  • There is a Beginners Course for 1hour and the Charge is Approximately Rs 4500.
  • For A night Dive it takes Approx Rs 3500 per person

Waterfall Rappelling in Shillong

Shillong is an amazing place for Adventurous activities and one such amazing Adventurous activity is Waterfall Rappelling .It Is Located in Elephant falls In Shillong and it starts at the fall and goes on till 40 feet down . Of Course there are Guided Instructors Present there and they tell you the instructions so you don’t make a mistake . Rappelling is not a known adventure sport in India and hence you should experience how Amazing Rappelling can be . 

Paragliding In Munnar

As we all know Munnar is a beautiful hill station in Kerala  and you can enjoy the Bird’s eye view of Munnar by Paragliding between the hills and cool breeze blowing on your face. It will be a whole different experience. 

Bungee Jumping In Rishikesh

Bungee jumping In Rishikesh is a Perfect adventurous sport . In Bungee Jumping you are tied to a long elastic cord and then you have to jump from a tremendous height and the adrenaline rush that you will  get by doing this activity will be in your heart and mind forever .