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Top Futuristic Trends of Mobile App Development in 2023

Smartphones have fundamentally transformed our lives in ways in which transcend how we communicate. Today, mobile phones have empowered billions of individuals with technology and revolutionized their lifestyle in terms of how they navigate, hear music, play games, watch movies, buy items, order food, read news etc., round the world.

Mobile apps development saw significant growth with the increasing users with each passing day and a witness to a dramatic increasingly profitable business.
In fact, in 2023, it’s estimated that mobile apps are projected to get revenue quite 770 billion euros so that’s why organizations are constantly taking leverage of mobile app development trends, aimed to make subsequent big application.

The mobile app development industry is witnessing heights of success and trying to thrive during this digital-era where you would like to urge familiar with the changing mobile app development trends.
In the age of Digital Transformation, mobile is that the key to digital media success, and mobile app development revenue is predicted to succeed in $693 billion in marketplaces, at a surprising rate.

Here, 7 trends from the mobile app industry are discussed for the year 2022 and for the foreseeable future.


Amid pandemic, the unprecedented situation is made and witnessing a surge in E-commerce sales like never before. On the opposite hand, mercantile establishment owners incurring huge losses as everything goes online with this digital evolution. And it’s not a surprise anymore if this online shopping trend is merely set to extend within the future. Online ordering with simple click, voice shopping, and omnichannel retail are few features from app developers that are integrating into existing E-commerce portals to supply fast, efficient and hassle-free experience.

Cross-Platform App Development

Driving digital acceleration also gave rise to cross-platform app development and have become increasingly popular. Social media channels like Facebook, Alibaba, and Pinterest have implemented this strategy to enhance efficiency, to scale back costs, and also to scale back development time.
According to experts, Google flutter’s launch in April this year will only see a replacement high. Cross- app platform may be a feature loaded toolkit wont to craft and compile applications for mobile, web, and desktop versions from one codebase. This technology provides endless possibilities and further allows mobile app developers to make customized applications without undue time, capital, or effort.

Beacon Technology

Don’t get left behind within the paradigm shift of digital business. Let’s mention technology to form your shopping experience enjoyable and satisfactory. If you see a pair of shoes online that you simply decided to shop for , before you plow ahead you would like to form sure about the dimensions . So before stepping bent visit the retail outlet for that shoe, the related brand app, already installed on your phone shows you which of them of their stores is closest to your location and also sells the dimensions within the same shoe shock, which you’ve got selected to shop for .
Sounds like your life gets easier and shopping gets simpler. Yes it’s possible with Beacon Technology, it’s possible.

Beacon Technology, invented and launched by Apple, uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signals to supply users with relevant notifications and guidance. Since then, tech developers are brainstorming to seek out new ways to integrate Beacon technology into android applications.

Folding Display: to take care of screen continuity

One trend which we can’t resist talking about is revolutionary Folding Display Technology evolving within the smartphone industry in 2022 and beyond. Foldable mobiles have already been launched within the market and successfully capturing the market as experiencing high demand. With the Samsung mobile launched with foldable OLED display, mobile app developers are performing on this technology to enhance smartphone experiences for end-users. And so, if a user wishes to try to to a moment change in their screen size mobile whenever the user wants to fold the device, app developers will need to create applications and it’s opening opportunities for app developers.

Unfolding the device to supply a bigger screen to take care of screen continuity: Big screen provides more room leading to an immersive experience. With multi-windows, multiple tasks are often performed simultaneously.

Mobile Wallets

A key mobile app development trend increasing the smartphones and users’ intent towards moving mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Google Wallet to execute safer and secure online money related transactions and bill payments.
Thus, the demand for mobile wallet apps will only be rising and can see increasing revenues for Amazon Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal, already a longtime and popular mobile wallets. Technology giants like Samsung, Apple, and Google are making use of mobile wallets during a quick way and become most ordinarily used payment methods due to their simple use. Users simply need to link their account details after easy registration on the app and may pay bills, shop on Ecommerce websites, or can receive or transfer money. Currently, mobile app developers are performing on enhancing existing features in mobile wallets like audio-based, NFC, and RFID payments.


Wearable technology is becoming huge across the planet . From smart watches to smart lenses, body sensor wearable are the longer term .
Technology enabled wearables can control and communicate with these devices through your smartphone. And one among the favored mobile app development trends is creating applications that support wearable technology. Wearable technology is proving very useful and profitable for
Healthcare industry and health professionals can perform functions like track and analyze body movement, heartbeat, blood oxygen levels, blood heat , and more. Today the utilization of wearable technology is limitless: the utilization of built-in visual displays in Smart contact lenses, Smart glasses with mind-reading technology, and even use of virtual keyboards.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality:

AR and VR technology—one of the highest mobile app development trends not only unscaled the high-quality gaming applications but also this mobile app development trend starts penetrating other aspects of our lives. .Technological giants like Apple and Google are already innovating Augmented Reality uses. for instance , Google is close to introduce a replacement AR feature for Google Maps, which might provide people with directions from their camera phones in real-time.
Google’s AR-Core gives users a sneak-peak into the inevitable mixed reality revolution.


Mobile app development is dynamic and constantly evolving technology around us speeding up the sport of the newest innovations to remain before the competition.
With the arrival of 5G networks and technologies like Machine Learning and Augmented Reality, the longer term of mobile apps is all about speed, simplicity, and personalization. If you’re looking to rent a fanatical mobile app development team, then be happy to succeed in bent Appingine, a pioneer in mobile app development, senior executives will get in-tuned with you within 24 hours.

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